Tuesday, January 28, 2014

If you don't like it, wait till it changes.

So, today the high was sixty. It was lovely! I wore a mere jacketto work in the morning and left with out a scarf or gloves. I began to think about irrigation.

I came home, took the naked dog for a walk . He looks great

Tuesday he high is going to be 30.And its going snow.They don't really know how much but we're going to get more over night. Wednesday, we're look at a low in the single digits, However, by the weekend we'll be back up to the sixties again and it will be time to plant my potatoes.

I'm hoping that Wednesday isn't too ugly because that is our, or really my first agility class!  I still haven't given up finding a trick for Rocket to perform at the bar, but its not easy to find one that doesn't require I teach him skill sets  that I'm not sure I want him to know.

But. Instead I want to think about all the things he's going to learn that I do want him to know! Rocket already enjoys playing on agility toys, but there is a lot that he hasn't grasped yet and I have yet to see him do any of he tasks without me directing him and making sure he doesn't go run around instead. I am hoping that Introduction to Agility will help him to learn some focus. And to jump through hoops. He likes to jump on, he will jump over if really motivated, but he's not that into jumping through as yet. There is work to do.

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