Friday, January 10, 2014

Waiting for the weekend

And I survived  working a full five day work week. I didn't think I was going to be able to hack it but somehow I toughed it out. The weather also got warmer and for the first time this week I was able to wear inside clothes inside and outside clothes outside! Its a big deal when you wore ski pants and a down vest inside and was still cold.If the weather keeps up the good work, it may almost reach room temperature inside over the weekend!  Very exciting stuff.

Another positive? I can almost  feel my hands!

I got a call from Direct TV trying to sell me something I didn't want and so I took the opertunity to scream like banshee at the operator! Because DirecTV is his fault.But this turned out well for me, instead of getting me to sign up for HBO he forwarded (unloaded) me on customer service - whom I also screamed at , all of this on my cell while I was walking the dog. It turned out the CS girl was also not the right person to scream at about DirecTV and my displeasure with it. She sent me on to yet another guy who as it turns out,was the right person for me to scream at about my dysfunctional remotes, ancient hardware, ridiculous monthly bill and pathetic lack of HD.

He droppedmy bill by $20, gave me three new remotes - for free and hooked me up with HD, for an extra $10 a month, and new recievers - for free! I am now getting more service for less than I was paying for broken remotes, bad hardware and no HD. Whee! I actually get to experience HD on my HD TV. Double Wheee!

The remotes are due to three days, the guy is coming to hook up my new toys on Saturday, at the same time the guys are here to bring me my new freezer. Wheee!

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