Thursday, January 9, 2014

I would like to invite global warming to come to my house.

Even though I know that the reason it is so cold is because somewhere it is too warm and something somewhere did not freeze over like it was supposed to and that's why all this cold air was available to come here and make us all sad. Upside? No wasps!

We had two whole days in a row with no peeing on the floor!... Because the dog was in daycare all day. But, still two days in a row!

Honestly, that is all I have. Its been very cold outside and thus inside and I really don't like it and I think the cold is why my hands have been tingling all day because it was so cold last night - I could have worn gloves but I could have worn a hat too and then where do you draw the line? I could have worn ski pants as well. I mean just because you can doesn't mean you should.

I should have sucked it up ( Noo I don't want to wear gloves! What if the kitty wants to be pet? I can't feel him if I am wearing gloves!) and worn the pink and fuzzy gloves, since I did not, my hands were pink and fizzy all day.

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