Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dog with a Big Brain and a very Small Bladder.

I couldn't live in another part of the country. I can't be this cold for a protracted period of time and be happy about it. I'm cold because your average heat pump needs there to be a certain amount of heat in the environment to produce heat. When the outside temperature is this cold, turning on the heat is a waste of energy because the pump can't find enough to warm the house.

The system can artificially heat itself up but this is a costly activity and it is better to add layers until the cold snap exhausts itself. Also if I lived in a colder part of the country I would have a real furnace and I would probably still be wearing many layers.

I would be wearing even more more layers but I saw the wisdom of letting my dog on the ( covered, protected) furniture and so I have my own portable furnace.  I learned something about my little portable  furnace today. I have been coming home after work and finding the bedding removed from his crate, peed on, and in front of the window. I thought he was doing it to cover up the pee - Could he finally understand that peeing on the floor is upsetting to me? Could he actually be learning something? No, he doesn't care about my unhappiness with the floor wetting.

I came home for lunch today and took him out to pee, after work he had not peed. I can't come every day!

What he does care about is that he likes to sleep in the sun under the window, he can get a little of the sun  if he sleeps on the futon but he can capture all  of the  sun if he sleeps front of the window. Under the window there is hard floor. Doggy doesn't like hard floor, it's uncomfortable. He decided  that the crate is an unacceptable place to sleep, but it is comfortable. The math isn't hard from there out. He just removes the bedding from the crate and places it under the window where the sun is. Smart, smart dog.

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