Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Agility Class, week 3

Today we learned that an un-medicated Rocket is a un-focused, un-disciplined and un-manageable Rocket.

I forgot to give him his pill and a snack before we left for class and I lived to rue that decision! He just was not the same dog from weeks past! Even with a busy day at daycare to help take the edge of his energy, he was a nightmare! Getting him to do anything he was asked was a trial.

He however, had a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute of it. I did not have a fabulous time and did not enjoy a minute of it. It was especially galling to be showed up by  the boy child and his manic dog! In weeks past I could at least feel that my dog wasn't the least well behaved dog in the ring... The other dog in class sits and stays and doesn't need to be on leash - she however does not seem to get as much joy out of the class as the  less obedient dogs. Yeah, your dog is sitting and staying but is your dog having fun? My dog is running around like a crazy person but look, he's getting on the obstacles on purpose, for the fun of it! How is your dog on the A-Frame? Hmm.

Next week 1) Drugs! 2) Food!

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