Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Doggy Dogness

I joined another Weim group on Face Book and I would have been here sooner but I had to read stuff.  I was very proud of young dog today. I had to go by Sams to pick up his meds and I didn't get home until close to five and he was dry! This isn't the first time, but its like two times in a row (weeks apart) and so it gives me hope.

I have to leave him until after five on weeks we have staff meetings after work and before recently I would put him in daycare on those days. Now he has class Monday nights and I had to change his daycare schedule.  If daycare really loved me they would also offer half-day stays because I could leave him at home until lunch and then go drop him off. He could get his exercise and doggy fellowship but not at the full price.

I'm also trying to decide if I want to get the app the daycare offers so that I could spend the day watching Rocket run and play or stand and fight, depending on what his alpha directs him to do. I think it would make me nervous and I shouldn't look into it. I think what I don't know won't hurt me.

I just re-read their site and lo and behold they do split day pricing. They offer 7:30- Noon or 2pm- 7 for $10! I mean, I don't know when I would take advantage of that, but its good to have options. I also learned that they with bathe the dogs for a price! Having done it myself they could not possibly charge too much, I will have to follow up on this before we spend three days in a car together because boy dog can get really ripe and I know that in the car, in close quarters I prefer to not have to be immersed in his stank.

In the mean time though, I think I'm going to schedule him a another dry shampoo bath and curry-combing. Its not a real bath but it helps.

I'll give them a plug because we like them so much The K9 Kabana

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