Thursday, April 24, 2014

Garden Update 2014 5

If the cat doesn't want to be used as a pillow the cat should not 1) takes napes where he is conveniently located for face plantage and 2) not arrange himself as to be confused with a pillow. If he doesn't want to  end up as a pillow he should take his naps under the coffee table and not on top of the dining room table. Just saying.

Also not have such a luxurious furry coat or be as soft and pillowy as he is.

When I wasn't stalking the cat, I finally got my onions in the round. They have been sitting around for a really long time waiting to be planted and I finally decided to do it and do it now - before they rotted. I planted them in two locations, the first group is in a large planter on the front deck and the other is planted in a rejected strip of ground in the main garden in the back yard. I stopped planting in that section because it doesn't get enough sun and there are some very pushy vines growing on the fence and I think they bully the plants that end up there into being short and sad.

Enter onions, they are born short and sad.  I just did some reading, after the fact and I didn't do anything they suggest for successful onion growing.  I should have read How To Grow Onions before I got them in the ground. Oh well.

They were really cheap and if any of them actually live to see harvest it will be a good return on my investment. This tutorial comes with pictures and according to it, some of my sets might be okay. Some, but not all the sets I planted in the front might be okay if I can move the  decrepet wooden barrell into the sun. Onions like the sun.

A quick survey of where they are planted tells me that pretty sure my onions aren't going to make it this year, but now I know more and maybe next year I can have a actual harvest.

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