Friday, April 25, 2014


I didn't go to Pints for Paws. This is the first month I've missed in months and now I feel bad. I went shopping instead, and not fun shopping, Big Lots and the grocery.

I would have gone but I am signed up for the Pup Crawl this weekend (I'm really looking forward to it, its going to be fun and good exercise for one and all and I get a tee-shirt) and that will be fun and hopefully all the places we are supposed to go will be large enough to fit all the attendees. I really like the bar that has been volunteering to be the venue, but the event has gotten more popular every month and now the place is getting smaller every month and while I'm glad that Cause for Paws  is getting a good income from these crowds, its getting crowded and not in a fun way. Crowds of people are one thing, crowds of dogs in a different vibe all together, even happy, well mannered dogs have personal bubbles that they don't want violated and its best not to poke the bubble too hard.

Last time there were too many people and too many dogs and it was packed and hot and on a shallow note, I don't like how they handle the door prize drawings - no one should win more than one prize! For the $5 you get five tickets and I think they should be mixed up enough in the bowl that the same person doesn't make repeated trips to the front. Its not fair. And its too hot and crowded and the drawings are handled badly, and well, they need a bigger space.

This weekend to make up for spending last weekend lolling around I have an ambitious plan. I want to mow the lawns, get the new timer hooked up for the irrigation system, shop for and plant my green bell peppers, put all my laundry away, hang the winter coats up, clean off the dining room table and make the rest of the house not look like I am auditioning for Hoarders.

Also I have a movie I've been holding onto long enough I'm sure Netflix thinks I have lost it.

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