Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Agility Class Week 4

This is Rocket after ten hours of wild play day care and an hour of  heavy mental lifting at agility class.

He did a lot better at class this week. I will never forget his meds again! He was still scattered but he wasn't as mentally fractured as he was last session. This week by the end of class he was able to do a series of obstacles! He couldn't hack the series at the top of the class but he got the last one. Mommy needs to get over the need to keep him on her left at all times, this is not good for agility - This is not easy for Mommy, Mommy also needs to take his toys to an open field and drill, drill, drill.

I have had him on the leash too often and now he completely loses his mind when he is off leash. I need for him to see it as more of  a normal thing instead of a reason to go wild. When I go to "my" field or Brosky and Alphagals backyard,  I will also have weave poles! Or I will have weave poles, I now have the sharp pointy additions to the end of the PVC pipe that turns them into weave poles plus a strip of nylon with a track on it so I can make the poles evenly spaced and uniform. Onward to Home Depot!

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