Monday, April 28, 2014

Garden 2014 Update 6

And time marches on!

The potaotes are doing really well! I am so relived/happy to see the ground potaotes finally all up and getting about business. I was very concerern leeping in mind I planted them in February and if the weather had cooperated, these would be ready to be harvest on May 8. It was not to be, I think the new harvest date will likely be in June.

The green beans are making an appearence, so far two have broken the surface. I went to the Farmers market to get my peppers and I was surprised to find trays of beans for sale, I think this is kind of nutty. They are so easy to grow I really can't see buying all ready sprouted bean plants.

However, I have no problem buying very young tomatoes and peppers. I have a double standard. I'm sure that they are also easy to grow too but I just can't see myself starting from seed with them. It takes a long time for them to reach mturity even if you buy them as young plants that starting from seed would about kill me. I bought two different varietyes: California Wonder and Black Beauty. I had really good luck with both of these and this year I bought more then in years prior.I am really hopeing to fill my freezer from the garden this year.

My next goal is going to be getting the corn in the ground. I want to wait a bit until its really, truely summer because I don't think they like cool weather. I am however, shooting for next weekend to get them into the ground. I have all whole bunch of compost that is looking for something to do. I've been saving it for the corn because they are "big feeders" and I want them to be happy.

What I am not completely happy about:

 New Timer! So many places to put hoses, two different timers to set! and still a free space to put a hose for  random use! So happy with this!

Sloppy! Sloppy! Sloppy! Too many hoses! A tangled mess! My sense of irrigation aesthetics is horrified by this mass of hoses. On the other hand : No Leaks! and the new timer is all kinds of awesome

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