Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beginning Agility Week 1

Well, he is a beginner. A very enthusiastic beginner. Very enthusiastic, very excited, very happy beginner .  He jumped three jumps in a row with no problem and before today he had never jumped more than one at a time. It was kind of impressive to watch, he made me proud. He had problems on one of the obstacles that I didn't think would be a problem

The Dogwalk

This was tough for him, he wouldn't stay on it or get on it correctly (the one they used this week was lower than the working height) he has played on one of these before in Kinston, but I think he is shorter and wider, and he plays on variation of one of these at Dix but it is much taller and much wider. He actually walks on much narrower ledge when he plays on the planters downtown but I guess its just all about the environment and familiarity and over the next five weeks he's going to get more familiar with The Dogwalk. I was pleasantly surprised to see him comfortable walking on a locked teeter-totter, because he has been on one in the past at Kinston and he didn't love it. The sound of it hitting the ground can be a turn-off, hopefully the padded floor of the facility will help him work through that problem.

He didn't dp as well with the weave poles as I would have liked but that could be chalked up to the new environment, he seemed to be really into in the classroom setting but he has cooled on it since then.

Next week will be better and hopefully he will calm down a little. His enthusiasm is really great but he needs to be able to focus as well.

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