Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Post Work

I was going to get errands ran this evening but then I decided to fall asleep in front of the TV with the dog. I got lots of stuff accomplished in my dreams . Well to be honest, even in my dreams I was a sloth- literally,  if I could remember my dreams I would hope that I dreamed off being a happy sloth. I've watched animal planet shows about sloths and they seem like happy creatures.

I think sloths and I have many of the same agenda goals  and hopes for the future although I would have to say my agenda is completely moss free at this time. I also do cut my finger nails and walk upright, so we do have some glaring differences that I hope in time we can work through. Possibly I will be less moss-sensitive.

I still in the run errands and I think that I might try a quick run to the store. But, I want to watch The Mindy Project and it comes on soonish so I'm torn - I do have a DVR, so really, start times are meaningless and I am free of such arbitrary  time constraints. I do what I want, and I want to go to the store.

And so I went  to the store and bought what I remembered I needed ( forgot cat food, naturally) and was very successful ( until I fed the cat and noticed his food had not magically re-generated) and came home and because of a misunderstanding, i.e  reading on Face Book that The Mindy Project was going to have two episodes and I saw only one recorded -  initially said some very rude things to my DVR.

As it turned out, there were two episodes but they flowed together there was no formal stop and start and so the DVR recorded an hour of show instead of two half hours. And we all rode off into the sunset.

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