Monday, April 7, 2014

Garden 2014 Update 4

Another weekend another weekend spent doing absolutely nothing, well not "nothing", I got out of bed. I did successfully walk the dog a number of times, I did laundry, I went to Church, I mowed both yards for the first time this season, I got the dog new dog food and I put gas in the car.

In only forty-eight hours. Actually, I did a lot.

The potato plants continue to fight the good fight and are trying like hell to get to the surface. Next weekend I am going to go to the city and get more dirt for the big garden and probably try to get the hoses down ( buy new ones, because who am I kidding? I always have to buy new ones) and if I am very lucky, get the weed barrier in place and try to figure out how I am going to water the corn on a daily bases. I am thinking drip hoses like the big garden but if so, I will need to use the other spigot. Or, better idea,  I can use the fab sprinkler I bought at the end of last season and I can just plug and unplug that as needed.

Shopping list for coming week:

  1. New dirt from city
  2. Garden staples
  3. drip hoses
To Do List for next weekend
  1. Spread dirt in main garden
  2. add dirt to small garden and bean location
  3. Till everything
  4. get drip hoses placed
  5. put down weed fabric

The staples and he hoses I can get during the week, the dirt is a Saturday job.  I bought one set of tomatoes from Burpee this year, but they are really good, strong plants that I first tried out last year. I'm going to get the rest of the veggies from the farmers market. I haven't even started to plan the front flowers yet! I do know I am going to use the shoe hangers slash flower planters again, and I will have to replace the big grass plant and most likely the ferns. I am sad about the room mate ferns but I think they may of just came to end of their life cycle. I had the big fern for four years and the little fern for two, it also was just so cold this winter that even living inside the entry way, it was too much.  Sad ferns.

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