Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Agility Week 2

I found an new and improved route to the class and now I can safely say that I have indeed been behind Robin Hoods barn .We survived another week of class and Rocket was only moderately embarrassing!

He did very well with his jumps but not very well in  his sitting and staying before his jumps. He really does not like the idea of me going ahead of him, he wants to join me where I am and that precludes wasting valuable class time sitting and waiting to go. He feel he should just go, because the whole point is going not "staying". He can not understand why so much emphasis is put on "staying". Its confusing.

He does very well on the obstacles, a real rock star. What he does not do well is what happens after the obstacles. The pausing and staying aspect as opposed to the running to  what ever obstacle he thinks is the most fun this week.In his perfect disobedient, world he prefers to run joyously to the next obstacles, preferably a tunnel and maybe over to the pointy thing again, it was fun.

Tgis week are homework is working on his sit/stay and waiting for me to release him. We are going to do this by him having to wait to start his meal until I release him to do so. I am to put the food down and have him sit, he can't start his meal until I give him permission to do so. A huge turn around from what we used to do when I put his food down and then fetched him from where ever he wandered away to and then me begging and pleading for him to start eating. This week is officially Sit/Stay Week, not as exciting as Shark Week , but thanks to Treat Theory and the wonder of pepperoni, he will eat like a great white at a seal convention.

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