Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Urban Pioneers

I followed through on my goal to get my garden supplies together before the weekend. I went off to Wally World and bought new hoses, the old hoses no matter how cautiously put away always rot over the winter and its pointless to try to save them, but I do.  I save them over the winter because I want to be thrifty but then I pull them out in the spring they fall apart in my hands and then I have to run out to the store to buy more. I decided to just buy new ones and cut out the middle frustration.

Anyway. I was in the parking lot of Wally and I thought to myself I really need to get the fabric staples to hold the weed barrier down and now I need to go to Home Depot. and then I thought Well, I did promise the dog  a walk when I came back . If I get the staples now its going to be too dark for  a walk by the time I get back home. . And then I said to myself I did not have a conversation with the dog about my plans or my schedule and I certainly am not "breaking a promise" to the DOG if I run the rest of my errands. I don't think we actually talked about this. and then I said The dog and I do not have conversations.

I went to Home Depot and got my staples and came home and walked the dog double time through the neighborhood,( be careful what you ask for because you will surely get it) because it was dark and power walking is Good For You. We were making the swing back towards the house when I was walking through an intersection and out of habit I looked up the street. I saw two rather large deer sculpture in one of the yards, and I said to myself I wonder what the neighbors think of the yard art. Because that is statement yard art  And then yard art crossed the street!

I've seen possum and fox and rabbits and now deer. I was a mile and a half from downtown Raleigh. This is not a wild life friendly place and now I have to worry about deer ticks. In downtown Raleigh. Yay for new and improved Urban Hell Holes, now with Lime Disease!

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