Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keeping it moving.

I briefly inspected my bike this weekend while touring the shed and I was not moved. It may have been out of the elements all winter but its certainly the worse for wear. The tires are both flat and in the past I have learned that on this bike, a flat tire means a bad tube and I can not do replace the tube myself and I do not always want to hear about how hard the rube is to fix should I find some one to fix it.  I'm also walking an hour all ready and maybe I don't need to spend so much time out in the elements.

I do have another bike. The exerbikle has been babysitting Rocket for months in the office and since it has done such a good job I decided to let it out of the office and back into my life. I had forgotten how not hard it is to peddle! My new goal is five miles a day in my lovely climate controled. I had been taking the dog for a second walk but I think its a good idea to  cross train when possible and so now I can. I moved the exerbikle into the living room and I can peddle and watch my DVR.

The dog does not "get" the exerbikle, it makes too much noise and it doesn't seem to produce anything. He is a very results oriented dog and he doesn't see the use in a thing that makes noise yet doesn't move.

Speaking of dog, here are two pictures I took while on our walk. We went to the museum and played with their landscaping.

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