Friday, May 2, 2014

Lost and Found 2

Things I want to get done this weekend. In no order

1. Mow  the yards.
2. remove the compost from the composter and add to soil for corn.
3. Till the corn soil
4. Plant the corn.
5.hose out  and straighten the composter
6. make tomato sauce with last of frozen tomatoes laundry
8. get meat in fridge freezer ready
9. put meat in freezer.

I don't think that is at all un-doable.

Last time I talked about something I had lost and then found, today I talk about something that someone else lost and I found

According the to the date stamps on these the shots of the two kids, a boy and a girl on the tree trunk at upper left and shot of the boy and girl lower right were at least developed in December 1956, the sled picture lower center of the kids on a sled was developed in June 1961. The only color picture is undated but could be the same boy  in the other pictures.  These were taken before I was born and ended up lose on New Bern Avenue . I've walked dogs up and down New Bern Avenue for years and never found  fifty-eight year old pictures before. Mystery.

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