Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lost and found

I'm not sure how closely you studied the pictures of Rocket from yesterday but if you go back and look at them you will notice that in every single one his  lavender collar was wonky.

The picture of him up on the wall in front of the faded pick flowers was the last one before the collar fell off.  I hadn't notice until after we were home. I fixed my dinner, got his together and went into the office to feed him. I took off his pinch collar and said "Hey. Where is your collar?" He just looked at me blankly, he really could have said something when it fell off. I went back to the kitchen and it wasn't on the floor and then I looked outside on the drive way. Nothing. This is not okay.

I put the dog bowl down in the office shut the door and tore out of the house and back to the historic district in search of it. I looked at the pictures to see if his collar was on in them and only then saw how not attached it was. I learned that it had stayed on until almost the end of our walk and went to recreate our steps.

I had token the collar off before our walk because it was right side up and it looked funny and not in an "OMG! That is the cutest thing evah! I want one!" way but in a "You bought that collar on sale because it was put together wrong and now you make your dog wear a defective collar. You suck" way . When its upside down  it is awesome, when its right way up it looks like a bad idea. I put it upside down and we went for our walk. It was off in the first place because it is too lose to wear to agility, agility demands a tighter collar for more ease of moment.

I  have all ready lost one rabies tag and I'm not sure how super friendly they would be about giving me another replacement. I didn't want to have to go to the office and say "Yeah. I need a replacement tag, another replacement tag. The first time I lost the tag, this time I lost the entire collar." A good time would not be had by all. I'm sure they would red flag my chart and I would get the reputation as a black market rabies tag source.

I started looking around and  began to back track our route, hoping I could remember what I did twenty minutes ago. Thank You Jesus!  I didn't have to  wander far! I found it steps from the last location! It could have been anywhere and it was laid out like a gift! Because it was.

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