Wednesday, June 25, 2014

24 hours and counting

If I haven't gotten done yet, the chances are I have given up and I am not going to do it. I did finally buy myself self food for the trip : two bags of  low cal popcorn, a few no-sugar-added fruit cups and some new ear buds for my ipod.

I also finally gave in a bought some new titles for my kindle so I can keep myself busy.

I have not raked the rugs because I just see the dog finding something else to shred and grting hem all trashed again and making me depressed because it looked so nice for a second and a half. I did get the kitchen cleaned up and the bathroom tidied, so I have that. I am also going o sweep up the solids on the floors and pat myself on the back for trying. I would sweep the floors provided I could find the broom,  whiich I can not. instead I am going to track down all my power cords and start gathering my electronics.

I also downloaded a game  that promises to teach me to speak Spanish, but after a few rounds it made me feel as though I can't speak English either.

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