Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Counting

We finished agility class, well, class ends next week but we are going to be out of town. We all ready missed a class due to injury and there are only six class total so we will be taking it again in the fall when hopefully, we can get through the whole course. I'm sure the instructor will be thrilled to see us again.

Rocket is also very puppy currently and his behavior swings widely from week to week. Last week he was flawless and the instructor was thrilled with his progress, this week he was horrible and nipped my arm hard enough to leave a blood blister! This is not normal. He's been really bad around the house lately too and I am hoping that this behavior is just the last bit of puppy chaos leaving the building before the full grown two year old  adult dog comes home to take control of the animal.

Because right now? Not a great roommate, kind of a dick actually.

There are two classes I want him to take as we move forward. The agility class, of course, but also a Dog Tricks class. I think it would be fun for us both and you can't really show off his agility skills at the bar or when a group of people gather around him downtown, I want them to see he's not only gorgeous, but clever as well.. I want to be able to exploit my dog in public without having to drag around jumps and obstacles.

Hopefully, by the fall I will ahve a dog that can focus long enough to learn something but if I don't, do they make ADHD meds for dogs?

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