Friday, June 20, 2014

I miss my computer mouse

A couple of weeks ago the dog ate my phone. Yesterday he ate my computer mouse! I am now having to do this without a mouse and I am totally mouse dependent - I do not like the touch pad in the least and I want my mouse back!

That can not be, so I bought a new one; A new one that does not work! I plug in the USB thing, it spins, I get told it works and is ready to go but it is not. I am going to have to make a second trip out there to return it and get one that works and is smaller, this one is too large and it doesn't work. I am sad. I should have started out at Office Max or somewhere that does not also sell Turkish dishwasher detergent and Hungarian canned peaches.

The cat has never eaten any of my electronics. Daisy, in her youth, ate remote controls and possibly, a portable CD player and she did that from inside a crate. She had remarkably strong fingers. Rocket is really happy having the run of he house but  he simply can not have the run of the house, especially when he is developing a taste for plastic.! Expensive plastic.

To get my mind of this development. I need to make pre-vacation lists

- Cancel Paper
- Have mail shifted
-Pay lawnmower man
-Clean out refrigerator
-wash mattress covers
-change sheets
-mow lawn
-decide what to do with elephant ear plant - to move to back yard or to not move to back yard
- beg friends and neighbors to rescue veggies
-think positive thoughts.

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