Thursday, June 19, 2014


The dogs back pack is not going to be shipped ahead. I made an executive descion and its going in the car.  Adding he back pack to the box makes the box too heavy and so  the dogs's leashes and bowls and food and toys are going in the back pack in the car with the rest of us.

It fit in the box but hen I couldn't pick up the box and that was a problem. If I can't heft the box I can't get it down stairs and into the car and  into the post office and I don't want to think about how much it would cost to ship a box I can not lift. Bad idea. The back pack makes the trip with us.

Today I went to the store and bought powered peanut butter. I was there to buy cat food and I came out with powered peanut butter. I think it will be good for dog cookie making, also its cool.

How long does it take for tomatos to get ripe and why won't mine hurry up? I'm on a clock now and I need them to get with it and ripen so I can give them to good homes.

I'm thinking of how much work its going to take to get the house cleaned up before I leave and I'm rethinking my need to get it cleaned before vavcation. I will be very unhappy when I come home to a house that is as filthy as it was when I left. I have to work something out.

Need to do :

Change the sheets on bed
Wash the mattress covers in the basement and put on office futon
make up futon
think about moving dog crate back to office
clean the kitchen
clean the bathroom
rake the living room rug
rake the dining room rug

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