Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Everyone should have such problems, AKA What A Whiner.

Taking the dog for a walk is much, much more enjoyable later into the evening verses earlier when I get home, the opposite of what it is during the winter, when I have to rush like hell to get home to walk the dog  double time to take advantage dwindling day light, who would have thought it? A few months later and earlier sucks. Its too hot, its too sunny and its all together too too.

I got very irked today. I had found a mani-pedi deal on Groupon for my friend and I and it was very, very cheap - the only reason I bought it. My friend and I decided that this weekend would be an ideal time for said mani-pedis and I went to the web site of the manicure school that the deal was for. I was thinking about Saturday, late morning. Ta Da!

Three hours twice a week, during the day, no evenings or weekends hours Its super that they are serving the indigent, unemployed, disabled and elderly populations  but what about the the people with jobs? The people with jobs who do not work down the street from the school? I was so pissed. I had to contact Groupon and have my deal switched to a gift certificate. Gawd. Oh, Groupon was easy to reach and was very nice about it.

I am now going to get my toes done and my eye brows waxed at my regular place. I had to get the waxing done so I am going to kill two birds with one stone. I am not going to get a manicure because I would just tear it up in no time and there is no point. The pedicure will last a lot longer and be more of a public service anyway. I have Hobbit feet and now that its summer and I live in my Tevas, I need to cut the world at large a break and at least make them look like girl Hobbit feet...

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