Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, Monday.

What I got done this weekend.

Note that I do not include "before" pictures because reasons. I had to take this picture ASAP after I finally finished up the eleventy- one different jobs getting the yard into shape  took. It won't look this good until it gets bad enough again that I am forced to do something about it. Not pictured is the front yard that looks about the same a before only with a sharp haircut and shave, it now looks like someone who cares lives  here or at the very least visited.

I also saw Carmina Barana,   with my Mom, and it was fabulous and featured a full orchestra and 125 member chorus and I should spend more of my time in pursuit of such experiences, and we had great seats and a really good dinner before hand and culture is good for you and I should get more of it because I would be a fool to turn down $18 seats for anything.

And Saturday morning after I mowed the lawn, my Mom and I went to a garden party/art show and it was also great fun.

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