Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clean Dog

I may have forgotten to write an entry Monday night... Possibly, I posted something on FB and decided in my exhaustion , that that would be enough. Sorry. I was tired.

This evening was less exhausting. I came home, made dinner, fed dog and watched TV. Then I decided that it was Time For a Walk and little Dog and I walked.

Right into a cloud burst.

In our favor was that the clouds burst on our way home! So we didn't have to cut our walk short because that would have been terrible. Not.  By the time we got home, a half hour into the deluge, we were soaked. Rocket doesn't like being soaked,  he kept trying to shelter under shrubs but was saddened to learn that "under" was not the same as "dry" and  I am a mean dog-driver and kept insisting that we soldier on and get home.

What is your problem? Walk faster!

While Rocket was hating me, I was thinking He is all ready soaked to the bone. He almost never lets this happen. How can I take advantage of this? I stopped a couple of times to briefly pantomime rubbing shampoo into his coat and and while it did act to get the wet deeper into his surprisingly dense fur, it was not getting him cleaner. I was also surprised that I didn't come away with handfuls of winter dog coat.

By the time we did finally get home I had a plan. I brought him inside, rushed to the bathroom and grabbed Daisy's dog shampoo and went back outside.

Rocket seemed confused.

Quickly, before he figured out what I was doing,  I soaped him up and scrubbed a dub dubbed everything I could reach. He was calm, but maybe because we were back to being in the pouring rain and he thought we came home so we would not be in the pouring rain. He was done with that portion of his evening.

Then, I was even more evil - I turned on the hose! I rinsed him off and he still didn't go berserk! He was actually not doing anything he has done in the past when I attempted to bath him. There was no running away, jumping up defensively, crying, barking or otherwise making the process impossible. It was almost not hard .   No dog was easier to bath that Daisy, except for Moonie, but it made me rethink my plan to pay the daycare to wash him before vacation, but I might be able to handle it myself...

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