Thursday, June 5, 2014


I'm going on vacation soon and I need to be getting my stuff together, deciding what I want to bring with me, subtracting half of it because just because I want to bring a prom dress with me does not mean I get to bring a prom dress with me. Its tough, a struggle.

I also need to  buy new sneakers. Go for my Groupon mani-pedi, dye my hair and get my eyebrows waxed. So I'm going to need  a lot of me time before I go. Darn, another struggle, more tough times ahead.

I have to decide how many tee shirts I want to bring or if I want to just bring polo shirts because I'm a grown woman and because polo shirts are good for hiking and going  to visit but my polo shirts are pretty ragged and I have some nice tee shirts... No one in Marquette cares what I wear.

They also don't care about my hair, eyebrows or condition of my nails.  Good thing I do.

Off to second, third and forth guess myself about how haw many and which Tee-Shirts to bring with me. Should I go with Clever Message shirts or Look at What Country my Tee Shirt  Used to Live shirts, or I Went To This Event and You Didn't shirts. More toughness, more struggle.

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