Friday, June 6, 2014

My kingdom for a game camera.

Today I came home for lunch and met two lovely men from Duke Power and they were kind enough to add heavy weather stripping to my front door, replace my old  cheap  florescent light-bulbs with nicer energy florescent  light bulbs, clean under my refrigerator and give me a wall thermometer for my living room. They wanted to give me a new shower head but I told them I liked my old one, its new. They would have also sprayed spray foam insulation under my sinks but I all ready had that.

This was free.

Rocket has somehow grown a thumb while I wasn't watching and he can free himself from the office room at will. He has done this several times and thus far he hasn't eaten or destroyed anything yet.  The operative words are "so far" and "yet". Today he was out in the house from shortly after I left the house to go to work, around 12:20 till when I came home from work at about 4:20.

This has so far happened four times and there has been no damage. These prior instances were stealth operations by the dog, this was the first time I knew he was free in the house and left him alone any way.

He ate the cats food but didn't eat my shoes or underwear, two of his favorite treats when he was last given free reign  of the house almost exactly a year ago. A year is a long time in dog development, he has changed from a raging, unaltered puppy with SA  and itchy teeth to a neutered adult dog with access to Dog TV and psychotropics.

 Things change. I know they haven't changed enough for me feel entirely safe with him in the house lose or to shut him into the office room, he can't stand a closed door! It triggers his SA and he would damage the door and the wall and himself in the process so its not an option. Instead, I think that if I replace the fifty year old locking mechanism in the door, that it might solve the problem of the  lose latch being so easy for him to pick, or I could get a chain lock and put it high out of his reach.

I'm going to start by moving the cats' food.

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