Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Toy

On Friday while I was  outside happily harvesting my potatoes and playing Gawd with my corn plants generally feeling pretty good about my outdoor bossness, the dog was indoors letting me know who is really boss.

The dog ate my land-line.

I back inside and noticed the rubble on the living room floor had a new friend : A battery pack and then a wider search uncovered the back of the phone and then, ultimately, I found the corpse of the phone itself. I suspect that while I was outside agitating the dog by being outside, it rang and agitated the dog further, I think the ringing pushed him over he edge

He didn't eat any of it, because he is in a phase where he hates eating and will only ingest bits of chew toy. H pretty viciously  tore the phone apart and left it where it lay as some sort of offering, or as a trap to bring in larger things he thought would taste better.  Maybe he has his eye on the DVR? Or it was an object lesson to all of my electronics. I have started to remove the computer from the dinning room during the day so he won't wonder what it tatstes like too. So I guess I learned something from it. The phone did not die in vain! Viva Phone!

It was at the time that I went to look for my cell phone. I couldn't find it, I had left it at work.

Rockets "punishment" for destroying my phone was a fun trip to Dix so I could rescue my cell and he could get a fun walk. Over the weekend I went phone shopping.

Meet the new boss

Almost the same as the old boss.

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