Friday, June 13, 2014

The count down

This weekend I am packing my box! Damn it. I looked at the calendar and it looks like week after next I am outward bound and I am so not prepared. Not, as in not at all, as in Vaca? Really? Me? When is it? WHEN? OMG! 

I have my work stuff kind of together but the home stuff is in all kinds of a mess. I haven't told the animals yet and the cat will really need a spa day to help him see the positives of the trip. The dog is going to think its super fun for the first three hours of day one and then he's going to spend the next day and half stretched out across the seat, sound asleep, farting. We may need to look into gas masks.

I need to remember to go and buy Rocket a new hew horn! Its a must, he lurved the first one I got him, they are light weight and he can chew on them for a month or more. Also flea and tick and doggy Off and probably Natures Miracle , because it has been a while but he is not good with change. Shot records for both animals!

I need to pay the lawn mower guy and get that off my plate, I need to stop the paper, and think about he mail.

I thought I didn't have anything on deck for the weekend. Oops.

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