Monday, June 16, 2014

Checking the lists

I got stuff done, kind of, most of it is just taken care of mentally, but I have worked through some problems so that's good. I did get the back yard mowed and it  looks very nice, and will, briefly. I did not mow the front yard because it looks okay enough that I can put it off for another week or up until either the next doors or the across the street folks mow theirs first. I don't always need to do the neighbor shaming. I can be shamed, I'm fine with that.

I did get some pre-vaca shopping done and that made me happy. I bought more socks and more underwear and now I feel comfortable about packing up two weeks worth of clothes without having to wear underthings that I don't like. Its important to me.

The packing is now done and I was able to use a much smaller air-bag than in years past, I sucked all the air out of it and it fit the box perfectly, except for about six inches on the one side and across the top. I'm going to have to stuff the box with paper to keep it from shifting. I am open to suggestions as to how to do it without adding excess weight for shipping. How about blowing up food storage bags? or newspaper bags?

I also have my car bag stocked, its no ready yet but its better than it was yesterday. I still need to talk to the lawn mower guy and the newspaper and think about my mail.

The garden is going to pop while I am gone and I'm hoping that my family and friends and neighbors will actually do ask asked and harvest while I am gone. It would really help me and the plants out. Everybody says they will but no one ever does. Sigh.

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