Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bad Dog pt 27,0000

Today the dog ate my favorite plastic cup, a very nice flower/ scrub brush and after lunch he ate my protean bars! My good protean bars! The ones I like!

Changes had to be made. I called my Dad. I was planning to take the phone and him to Home Depot and have him talk me through the lock aisle . Instead he asked about the maker of the over worked lock and if I could order a new one . I remembered when I bought the lock, it came with choices of width of open door. It came with "very narrow", "just right" and "just leave the door open"  and these were safely in a box in my basement.

I took a trip to basementland and came back with "very narrow" . The bad dog isn't going to like it, but the bad dog is a bad dog and he doesn't have to like it. I want my plastic cup back.

I am not handy.

The dog tore the hell out of this arm and really loosened it up, I had blamed the door and its aging locking mech, but the door is still firmly locked and isn't slipping. He has also torn the hell out of the door and the door jam. I'm going to experiment with wood patch and try to repaint it. There may be no point, as long as the dog has his anxiety issues.

I had blamed the door for the problem, but the problem was the arm. We had thought I was going to have to take the arm apart to replace it but as it turned out, this was not the case. I was able to make the change quickly and With No Tools Needed!

Trapped! Thwarted! Tried to get out : Couldn't! If he beats this one, I'm going to have to call out the big guns and have someone who knows how to use tools to keep his butt in his room . I would like to have him in the house loose too but he won't stop being destructive and mean.

Bad Dog

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