Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thinking ahead

I didn't spend my enire vacation wallowing in summer joy - No, I engaged my inner squirrel and started to think about the coming winter.

While at a much nicer than in my neighborhood Goodwill, I found a  very nice, very heavy, dare I say, dressy flannel shirt, a heavy turtle neck and these boots

Look at them! Aren't they gorgeous? $6.99! practically new! These will be perfect for cold winter dog walks. In Marquette, these are classified as flip flops.

With winter in mind, I also found a decorated two Christmas trees! The first was, frankly, me grasping at straws. Time was not on my side and I needed a tree now. I had done some scoating and found a good option but when it came time for decorating it, it turned out to be too tall. This was a bummer, I was in the forest getting attacked by everything with wings and I needed a new tree now.

I found a substatue and it was okay, and if it was the only one I was able to find in the time remaining, it would have been fine. Not "great" but fine enough. Several hours later, I found The Tree. It is GREAT.

On the trip home, still making my inner squirrel work, we stopped by the hotel ajacent outlet mall and  did a quick run through. I found this for 70% off

Eddie Bauer! It is so much nicer than the boys coat I bought right after I moved here. Now, 13 years later, I have moved up the world, this is a man's coat.  It doesn't have a hood though, so my ears are going to get cold. I wonder if any of the knitters I know might be able to make me one of these?

Birthday Fairy? Santa Clause?

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