Monday, July 14, 2014


Google illustrates my vacation

I wonder how dogs process "on vacation" and "not on vacation" . I wonder what he was thinking when we turned left out of our driveway in Marquette and miles of empty beach appeared. We turned right out of our driveway and followed really cool trails that reeked of woodland creatures. Rocket was also off leash a lot.

And then we come home and when we turn left out of the driveway we  encounter a gas station, we turn right and follow more street . Rocket is on leash all the time

On vacation, Rocket was never left alone. Now that he's home, Rocket is going to be alone, a lot. Today we had alone time experiments and he , well,  he did better as the day progressed. Monday is going to be a long day for us both. I am going to need to really anxious puppy-proof the house before I leave for the day. I will not be entirely successful but at least whatever he eats will not strike me as important enough to hide away before I leave. He does help prioritize.

I wonder if he dreams of racing up and down the beach, if he has the capacity to remember climbing on the rocks and following trails. Did he have fun? Was he happy?  Does he remember the swarms of flies and being attacked by mosquitoes?

Does he think about his adventures at the Porcupine Mountains?  Does he fondly recall his dog food commercial at Turtle Pond? Is he proud of  repeatedly climbing straight up five foot lake banks? While holding five foot long  tree limbs?

Does he remember sleeping on the couch in front of the fire? Dozing with my Dad?  Does he think about chasing sticks into the lake? Does he like swimming now? Will he chase sticks in the water if I threw them in a lake here?

Is he as sad as I am to be home?

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