Friday, July 25, 2014

Dog Bar

Tonight we made our triumphant return to Pints for Paws and then we left. We were having a good time and Rocket was running through his Best Dog Ever routine and things were going as usual, but this time we walked to the bar instead of drove and it had started to rain very hard and I started to think about how long a mile can be when you walking it in an aggressive rain and so I waited for the current deluge to stop and we went home.

Sitting on a chair visiting with the table nest to ours.

We were there for an hour and a half so I don't feel really bad about cutting out early. I have learned that if you don't arrive at the starting time that you don't get a seat and if you don't get a seat it can be a very long evening and they run out of food so you are left standing and not only standing but standing without the benefit of snacks! I get there early and find a seat and then camp out there for the rest of the evening.

I took off just in time too, it came down in buckets again about ten minutes after we got home. I think when we go next month that I will drive instead.

I'm  now waiting to get called about my victory in the raffle. This is wishful thinking, but since I won at one of the first evenings we went, I haven't won anything since and I kind of hate how they do the drawings ( the same person should not win four separate prizes, its not fair and its not the way these things work) - I am not holding my breath. Of course, unless I win four separate prizes and then its a miracle .

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