Wednesday, July 23, 2014

House Beautiful

I had an epiphany earlier. I am tired of my living room. Its been just about the same since 2002 and I am ready for a change... Not a huge change, but I want to paint the walls a gray and get a burgundy slip cover for the couch and scout out burgundy, white and gray curtains.Mostly white with red and gray featured. I think it will be pretty, it can be done.

Its not going to happen in the near future, its going to be a year long project I think. I am not a great wall painter and that is a huge part of the job. It also doesn't help that my couch dates from the late nineties, so its not new and not he same as what you get today or even yesterday, so there is work to do. The good news is, most of it is shopping work and I like shopping work.

The painting, that I don't want to do, will happen eventually. I hadn't thought about gray as a wall color but I watch a lot of HGTV and it has convinced me that gray is a desirable wall color. Its looks good on TV at least.

I also want a new coffee table, one that is smaller but not small and round or oval and if it could look eames-ish, more the better. It was quite an epiphany. I know I all ready announced a bedroom upgrade, but its going to come down to just cleaning the room and finding a couple of matching mirrored side tables.

I had a dog thought too. Since we have come back from vacation, Rocket has been destroying things at a rate he hasn't come close to since puppyhood, I credit this change in behavior to the fact he was always with someone for the two weeks we were gone, mostly because he was  absolutely not to be trusted in the house un-supervised. He liked it! It was wonderful for him. He was happy because he was with us and we were happy because he didn't spend the entire time barking hysterically or destroying the house.

 After comeing home from vacation and wondering why he was back to chewing my things again after months of not chewing my things, I remembered that something that gives SA dogs relief from their anxiety is to give them something to  tear and rip -  that is not  the owners. I do not want him tearing and ripping any more of my things. Before I left for work this morning I  "hid" a box, when I came home for lunch, he had found  the box and happily ripped and tore it! Instead of my things! Wheee!

I did something like this when he was a puppy and gradually he didn't need anything to rip and tear. I am hoping  that he starts to calm down from vacation and get readjusted to being alone during the day, he will grow out of it again.

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