Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Day

The internet was sad today. At work we spent the day  processing and pointing out newer and more sad stories about him and It .The AKC was even sad. letting us know that he had a pug. We also learned that he bonded with a gorilla and the gorilla is now also shocked and saddened. All Gods creatures are sad now. Its raining here, even the sky is sad.

I am sad.

Its important that we all be sad.  His family is sad, his friends are sad, his fans are sad and now we know, his little dog is sad.

I think we also need to not fetishize suicide or claim that people who kill themselves are some how heroic or that they should be immune from judgement or shame or their deaths are more honorable than a natural death. Its a rotten, hateful thing to do to your world and the people in it.

Mental Illness prevents you from thinking about those people who are not you, its the true calling card of mental illness. Not the crazy behavior, dress or speech Not the manic energy or the black sadness. Its the inability to care about how your behavior, dress or speech affects other people.  Because you are the only person in your world. You live in your world, everyone else lives in an another world, different and dull and lacking. Your world is exciting and bright and terrifying. Mentally illness makes you selfish. It makes you want to die.

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