Thursday, August 14, 2014

Water World

I went to bed last night with ankle deep water in my basement. It had been raining viciously for hours and I should not have been surprised, but I was. I had taken Rocket out to pee and the whole time I was begging him to just pee, please just pee damn it I noticed the sump pump was running non stop.

I said Good going pump!

And then I went inside and took a quick look-see in the basement.


I shrieked. There was water. A lot of water. All over the place. The pump was still working its little heart out but waster was pouring under the door and as soon as it could be sucked away, it was replaced. I moved what I could out of the way and tried to be calm. because really, being in hysterics was not going to stop the rain, and frankly, this was not my first trip to this rodeo. It was also not make the water stop pouring from under the door and it would cause splashing and I didn't want to get even more wet... Also, I had just dosed myself with some Benadryl and I was not physically capable of hysteria. Good timing on my part, I think. Better living through chemistry.

And then I noticed, as I wandered around in the flood, that the basement is tiled back, back toward the back wall, back toward my water heater. It was wet, sitting in a puddle.

So flooded basement and out pilot light. Super awesome.

I kept myself awake for a little longer than normal while I waited for the deluge to stop, it had to stop, I mean, how much more could there be up there? And it did finally run out and slowly stopped raining. I went back down and checked and it, and with the rain stopped, the pump had a chance to catch up and the flood was shrinking down to puddles. I said a prayer for the pump and went to sleep.

In the morning the basement was damp, but no long as wet. I turned the dehumidifier on and went to work. Later, after work the floor was still wet but the puddles were shallow and getting further part.

I knew it was time to look to the cause of it all and I went  outside  to the stairwell of  doom, and made a dozen trips up and down the stairs clearing the sitting water out from the bottom of the stairs. The dog thought the nasty, dirty run off was really neat!

In was glad he had something to do because I had a lot of work getting the well cleaned out and the mud removed from he drain. It was a dirty job and I didn't know who to ask to do it for me. So I did it! Yay for me coming to my own rescue!

While I was being all Wonder Woman with the drain, dog was getting his jollies playing in the gallons and gallons of filthy, muddy, stinky water I was throwing into the yard.  He thought it was less neat when he learned that playing in dirty water leads directly to being bathed in clean water.

We are both very tired, we worked hard. Well, I worked hard, he played hard.

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