Friday, August 22, 2014


Our Plans for the weekend

1. Raleigh Ribfest  . I thought I was seeing a carnival, I was seeing Ribfest. No rides but infinitely better food. I'm not sure how welcome Rocket would be, so its going to be a solo flight.

2. Re-tape and generally tidy up Rockets barrel because...

3. Best Dog Trick contest, Crowder Park  - I saw this in my weekly Parkgeek email and couldn't resist! I'm going to take Rocket and show off his barrell rolling skills in public for the very first time. I was glad to see its not until Sunday afternoon,  so he and I will have plenty of time to hone and practice those skills, we've been working on his riding skills lately, so a review is in order. Maybe while we are there I'll meet someone who can tell me how to improve my non-training game on  teaching him to roll  on the barrel properly, because I've hit a wall.

4. Mow the yards

5. Do the laundry

6.Make Sweety love me.

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