Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fair Play

Thursday! Finally! Not quite as awesome as Friday but so much better than Wednesday.

On my way home this evening, while driving through downtown, I saw something new. A Carnival, downtown! I can't wait to take Rocket there.Well, its not like I'm panting in anticipation, but its fun and its different from what I did last week. I also think that since it has been awhile since Rocket has been to the fair that he needs to go back to just experience it again, to make sure he likes them and can handle all the chaos.

We went to one in Knightdale when he was much younger and he did well, I think he will  like this one too. He likes busy, crowded places and he loves being around people and he  isn't afraid of loud music or amplified voices or sudden loud noise.. I hope to go in the early evening and take pictures of the lights - I have skipped the state fair the last couple of years and I miss the lights, I'm not much for the actual midway because I don't eat the food and I'm not into rides or games in the least.  I am all about the lights though.

I think what I might do is to drive to the carnival after dinner and after our initial shake down trip there to see what there is to see before the lights are on, so I can plan out what I want to get pictures of. The parking lot its in is very small and I'm afraid space is going to be a problem, there will be no where to back up and get the big picture. I might even see if there is anything there I want to eat - I give carnival food credit for keeping it real, I don't like Food Truck food because its over produced. has too many ingredients and is inevitably too expensive by half.

I'm not going to park on top of the carnival, because if I do find something to eat, I'm going to have to walk whatever it ends up being off. Walking is our friend. Carnivals are our friends, kind of, if you wash your hands frequently and leave your wallet at home.

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