Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A very short thought train

In No Particular Order:

My parents cat still hates me. She has been with me for a week and she hasn't come out from under the bed nor has she stopped hissing at me. Normally we have reached a detente by this juncture.

I need to move the dogs barrel from its new place, the ground there is less flat than I had thought. I moved it because I wanted to be in the shade, but we're going to have to go back into the sun.

Peaches are really, really good.

My toaster oven does indeed make toast but I need to learn which "toast" setting to use to not toast the bread unto  paneling. This may explain why we still have free standing toasters.

I still feel bad about Robin Williams, but ow I'm getting mad at his family for knowing he was wildly depressed, but didn't think he needed to be supervised? He was incredibly bright, had a history of depression and was currently suffering from severe depression as well as a new Parkinson's diagnosis, and no one was keeping an eye on him? Really? He was in an acutely mentally ill state and no one thought to maybe institute an "eyes on" program?  Really? No one thought maybe he should be getting care somewhere? Were they waiting for the acutely mentally ill individual to make the suggestion himself?  This was neglect and someone should have been paying attention.

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