Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cleaning out

I just spent forty-five minutes doing early work for my The Holiday That Must Not Be Named cards. I have an image, I have a vision, I need to find a card design I can live with. And a price, it has to be the right price.

Research is important part of the process. I can now say I have crossed last years discounted designs at Zazzle and this years  new designs at Tiny Prints off my list. Whew! That was so hard clicking! It did help me decide what image I want to use though, I had two I really liked and now I have one I really like. It wasn't a waste of time, it was more like home work.

Now its going to be 1) Do I buy individual photo cards, that can get expensive when you have a healthy list  and the the choices are very limited or 2) go online and find another company to make the cards for me, it is about the same price and the choices are better.

I also took a minute to clean out my email a bit. I had the opportunity tell E! how much I really loath Rich Kids.

While I was doing projects, I also  blanched and put up more tomatoes and peppers. I totally did not forget that they were waiting on me, no Sir. Now, the tomatoes are in the freezer and the peppers are in the refrigerator waiting to dry out a little before I freeze them. The potatoes are going to be put up next - as much as I recognize this is a good thing, I dread having to peel them, but it has to be done, peeled, cubed and blanched.  Good and good for me.

I wish the green beans had turned out. I did get one meal of them and they were really good, but  harvest for  the project was not a win. I would have all ready torn the vines down but it makes me sad to think about it and I am not used to garden fail on that level. It happens to everyone but greenbeans? How hard is it to grow greenbeans?! Who messes them up? Apparently, I do. Next year I buy the seeds from somewhere that is not Walmart.

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