Monday, September 15, 2014

Ups and Downs

We started the weekend on a down note. Rocket in addition to separation anxiety appears to also suffer from stage fright and ADHD. We did not do well at the Dog Olympics trick contest. At all. Not even in the top 3. It was raining which he does not love, the ground was wet, the grass was very long and it made rolling a lot more challenging,  and  it was held early in the day and he hadn't a chance to get climitized. It could have been a better day.

Another thing I have learned too late : If you are going to teach your  dog a trick, make sure to not use props and if you must use props, use small, light weight props . Lesson learned. next time I'm going to teach him a card game.

We were disappointed.  We did however visit all the vendor tents and we walked away with a lot of free stuff, so we started to feel better. We were very happy to see his favorite do store there and even more pleased that they had a selection of his favorite chew horns. I bought the largest chew horn ever, it must have come from a water buffalo.

We spent the afternoon licking our wounds. And then we went to Broskey and Alphagals and Rocket finally performed his trick for an audience! He was a super star. He also barked every moment I wasn't outside and generally paced around and was unhappy until I finally put him in the car. I am keeping a behavior journal for the behaviorist to keep track of episodes like this, also his distraction and nervousness performing for the crowd at the Dog Olympics.

Sunday we went to see the chalk art at Sparkcon.

The weather on Saturday was lousy and I think I they may have over expanded the event. There was a lot more projects, but they weren't at the same level as I have seen in past years. I blame the weather as well because you can't do chalk art in the rain. I'm hoping that next year is better and they dial it back a bit, quality over quantity.

On the upside - I got both yards mowed and the corn patch tilled up, we enjoyed looking at the art and Rocket got many compliments all weekend every where we went. I also am now in love with great danes.

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