Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, Monday


Worked all day. Got used to being at  my stifling work environment without my work buddy who went to work in an even more stifling work environment. Says a lot about our environment that it compares unfavorably with working on death row ( literally, where we work is more awful than working with condemned prisoners on death row). At least I have windows.

I came home.

I walked the dog.

The dog and I ran errands

I went to Burger Yucky.

I rode the exerbike. Yay Exerbike.

Rocket and I went to get a him a replacement name tag and Doggy's First Thundershirt. Came home, put on the tag - way nice, much nicer than the lost tag. Doggy got bling. Then we tried on the Thundershirt, according to the numbers it should fit. It does not. Tomorrow, we go back to the store and return the too big Thundershirt and get the next smaller size, also, possibly will ask for assistance with fitting of said shirt. I looked online and the video tutorials that were available were not helpful.

We will do this after the security company comes and upgrades my system and brings me a New and Improved Dog Spy 2014- Now with Video! I hope this gives me a better idea of what he does all day and what if anything causes him to become upset. I will ask if the camera can be moved if Rocket is ever at a point he can be loose in the house, because I will definitely need to be able to see what he is doing then. because, reasons.

Today saw some improvement in Rockets  day. In the morning he stood at the door  two separate times for about forty minutes each time, . In the after noon he was not at the door until I came home, I do not know what he is doing  or where he is in the room when he is out of the sight of the lense. It was however, an improvement. I still think he needs higher doses and I haven't seen any changes do to the pheromone collar I had to buy, I do not see being a repeat customer.

Really need to get in touch with the behaviorist to see what can we do next. Well, I'll have to wait. I re-read the discharge orders and  while I am supposed to get in touch with her, I am supposed to get in touch with her three weeks from our appointment and today is day eleven, I know this because I am faithfully keeping a Daily  Behavior Diary. I am officially supposed to email her an update on Rocket on October 2, with our next face-to-face appointment in October 27.

I would get in touch earlier  if there was a crises or his mood and behavior got dramatically better or dramatically worse, but it hasn't done anything dramatic or otherwise. It is remarkable in its unremarkableness.

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