Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Watching You

Once again my plan was to get this done at a reasonable time and not keep myself up past my bedtime clacking away. Clack. Clack. Life happens. Todays adventures in Life are brought to you by CPI Security. My old system was, well, old and very throughly 20 Century and it was time to move on. Also they couldn't service it any longer and the parts no longer exist. So. New System.

The 21 Century has been very kind to home alarms! It has a slick new touch screen keypad and a fancy fire detector and the most best thing of all : All Dog Spy All The Time! I have a camera and I can spy on Rocket all day! If he does something very crazy, I can save the footage! I am going to be dog spying all the time now! Wheee!!! I can  also alarm and disarm it from any computer or my phone. Very cool. Needless to say I find it terrifying.

I did put on my big girl panties and practiced arming and disarming it , once, but I think I'm going to wait until this weekend to really go to town on it. I am especially interested in being able to use the ap to work it, but unfortunately, the instruction manual doesn't cover it at all.

The guy showed me, but its too easy and I know I will have the SWAT team at my house the first time I use it. The installer told me there are two kind of people, those who trip their alarm and those who  are not using their alarms. So, if you use  the system you are going to accidently trip it, if you don't use the alarm you are never going to trip it but you aren't using the alarm either

I also learned that about eighty percent of the alarm calls they record are false alarms. That still means twenty percent of the time they are for real.

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