Thursday, September 11, 2014

Therapeutic Intervention

Hi Diana,
It was nice to meet you and Rocket today. He's probably the most 'normal' patient I've had in a long time and such a good dog! I've attached his discharges. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Dr. Hopeful

She spoke with me and observed Rocket for three hours! I haven't had a doctor pay attention to me for three hours since, um, ever?. She left me with a lot of idea and suggestions and a new Adaptil collar. 

It releases pheromones that are supposed to calm the dog, I've read a lot about them online but I hadn't really thought about using one, I thought it was actually clap trap .  They also sell thins like room deodorizers that you plug in and they mist the room with the scent periodically to calm the dog - also something she suggested that I could put into place..  Apparently, I am not the best judge of clap trap.

She also suggested a thunder shirt for him. I hadn't thought about  using one because he doesn't have noise sensitivity problems - Tunnel Vision anyone? They are cheap and plentiful and could be worth a try, especially for when we travel and he's in a different environment. I am willing to try anything.

Another idea she had was about his window, I see the window as a plus for him, but what if it isn't? What if its whatever that is out there is causing his late afternoon issues? She suggested putting a film over the window to allow light in but to obscure the view, I hadn't thought about that and I think its a good idea.

She also is a huge proponent of getting a camera and  finding out what he actually does all day. I have used  one in the past, see Dog Spy 2000, and I am going to re-borrow my Dads game camera and start this again. It is an interesting exercise.

Another question that is happening in the now is that she upped little dogs meds. He was prescribed his meds over a year ago when he was a puppy, today, he's an adult dog and his body chemistry has changed, I asked his vet to up his doses when I started to notice his anxiety beginning to become more pronounced  and she refused. I was told that the ( insufficient) doses he was on were all ready at the high end of what was available - That is not true! The behaviorist changed the doses very moderately and we're going to see how he is on these slightly higher doses and we can move them up higher if necessary.

She sent me a three page PDF full of ideas and suggestions. I haven't even read all of it, I'm going to print it out and get it and me to work. I am very excited and I feel really hopeful about Rocket getting better and being a happier dog. Yay!!!

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