Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Food Desert

I've been hoping for a cost effective food oasis here in the Food Desert that is SE Raleigh. I was walking downtown last week, I had been planning to get pizza at a  new-for-me pizza place and I got pizza-blocked by Spark.Coms pay wall. As if I am their demographic!  I didn't even like the band! I would promise not to listen For reals!

Anyway. I was walking away, hungry, pissed and with a credit card and this nice young man stopped me and talked to me about food. Great timing for him and I am now signed up for a lovely half price fajita dinner set up that I can pick up my ownself Thursday after work at Wake Med.

I got a couple of reminder emails from them and I finally went to their website to see what they have - answer? Lots and lots. All of it, well, most of it very earnest and very expensive. Very, very. They have every diet choice but low carb! Paleo is close but you pay extra for the fad, I guess they are off the belief that all of us here in the Food Desert are rich Saudis.

I'm not rich, so while they aren't going to replace Wally or Sam's as my go-to grocery, they will be a good place to check  (they have sales) when I feel like rewarding myself.

Its fun though and they do sell very interesting soup bones and I will be taking advantage of that. They also sell lamb and I would like to eat more lamb, except that lamb doesn't show up at Walmart or Food Lion with any frequency. Relay has lamb. No goat though, I would think they would have goat. I would buy goat. I'm seriously thinking about buying two lamb kebabs but I don't know how one would cook it - I have a choice of 1) in the oven or 2) in the toaster oven. Do people eat oven baked shish kabobs? Is that even a thing?

No! I am not going to spend the money on lamb chunks and peppers! I have my own peppers and I bet if I go to Trader Joes or even the extremely nice Harris Teeter I can find chunks of lamb that I don't have to worry about the squerers bursting into flames. Because I would. The whole time.

Today Rocket is going to the Doggy Shrink to hopefully get shrunk. Think happy thoughts for him and me.

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