Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Well hello! I didn't just about run out of time to get this done! No Siree Bob!I had to run an errand after work  ( my repaired and strengthened blueprints had to be taken back to the printers - this time I got there very fast but I initially overlooked their  handy parking lot and did some waste of time driving around trying to find non-existent Glenwood Avenue parking. I successfully dropped off the prints and will get them tomorrow.

 And so I got home late and then I remembered I had no broccoli and TP and green tea and no dishwashing soap or dog treats and that was not okay and so that called for another errand and then after that, I had to walk the dog and then I had to feed the two of us and then I had to ride the exerbike and then I had to practice barrel rolling with the dog - Turkey Jerky is crack for Rocket, Wow! He is a huge fan, I'm hoping he will turn out to be a big enough fan that we can start making progress on turning him into a barrel walker instead of just a barrel pusher.

And then I had to watch TV and then the dog wanted to go outside three or four  for no reason at all, and then I had to unpack my new Farberwear pots and pans and they are quite lovely and then relized I hadn't really stopped moving since ten after five this morning and I decided I had to watch some more TV, gotta keep that DVD moving, and then I had to well, this.

Tonight I'm going to take my brand new Ikea catalogue with me to bed and dream of lovely, tasteful, useful things I need for around the house. Thank God the nearest Ikea is in Charlotte! Anyone wanna go to Charlotte?

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