Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Just Walk On By

I want to tell you how much I love my dog. I love my dog so much I marched up and down the same two block stretch of Glenwood Avenue , in your town it would be wherever the really terminally uncool wanna be cool kids hang out to find partners in uncoolness and go to latter day fern bars. I walked up and down this street wearing a bright red rain coat and carrying a bright pink umbrella and my houses' plastic wrapped ancient blueprints. Getting increasingly bezerk. In the rain. For a good twenty-five minutes because I stupidly took my GPS's word for it that my location was "on the right". I didn't just look a little bit crazy.

It was "on the right" but on the right two blocks further up the street. I was also really ticked because very few of the businesses along the way had its street number plainly visible. Rots of ruck when you are burning to the round Trendy McBarinsteins or Flash in the Pan Boutiqueasaurus. You all suck.

I did finally find the place, BTW, so easy to find! The GPS sent me around Robin Hood's' barn to get there and all it needed to say was "Its by that place you went that time" and I would have totally gotten it! Instead I drove around like an idiot and made myself crazed.

Super good way to present yourself to a vender. "Hi! I'm Soaked and Crazy! Lets Do Business!"

Fortunately, I was not the firs\t crazed client they have spoken to, and we quickly got down to business. It turns out I have two copies of my blue prints, one is a tattered mess best left untouched.. but the other copy is more or less okay. I was sent home with orders to tape up the torn areas and generally, making it a little more serviceable and tough enough to go through a scanner and not fall apart. I am to return tomorrow with my taped up copy and we will precede from there. I was told to take pictures of the plans just in case they don't survive the scanning process. Gulp.

I started this because the Vet School wants a floor plan for the house to see where Rocket lives and to point out potential problem areas for him. They said I could just free hand something and that would be fine. I can't do this. I have spatial problems and there is no way I could come up with am accurate floor plan. I thought of my blue prints and found a solution, to a point. Now I have to start a project with them so I can have these incredibly useful documents into the future. You have to measure all the windows in your house? I don't have to!

I did see something interesting in the plans, there is no upstairs, the  attic area is not plotted out at all nor is there any mention of hardware or specs for anything up there. I know the original owner used the space as an office and it had phone lines and a lighting and a bathroom and built in bookshelves, but I had thought they were all original to the house. They either did all that work  post 1949 or I am missing pages to the blueprints.Either could be true.

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