Monday, September 8, 2014

Good Weekend

Sorry about Friday. I went to a speaker from the Behavioral health department at the NC Vet School  Thursday night and she spoke about a book that was written by the Big Deal, Very Important National Veterinary Behavioral Health Something or Other and also about several case histories of dogs with separation anxiety and how the behavioral health people at the college helped the dogs and their people get their lives back and be happy. I bought the book.

I was very happy when I left there. I was so happy and hopeful about Rocket and his chances of  achieving  recovery that I totally forgot about Friday. I blame it on the short week, it never fails when we have a Monday off it just makes the rest of the week all wonky and it just feels longer and things happen.

Friday Cat Blogging will return this week.

On Friday I received Rockets life preserver and it is very rad. Its bright orange and has lots of handles and grips and it fits very well. He even agreed to wear it around the house for a while, so I see that as a good sign.

In addition to getting the life preserver, I did a lot of shopping this weekend. Lots and lots. I bought two pairs of office shoes! they are suede and slip on and will be great for the winter. I still need to get a black pair and a brown pair, I would have gotten those too but they didn't have my size and I was concerned about getting four pairs of the same shoe in different colors. I was afraid it would say something about me that would not be complimentary.

I worry about that.

So now I have two more things to shop for, Darn it all.

I also got my Birthday present! A very  awesome, very rad new Tablet! It is officially going to act as my E-reader, but it can also be my very awesome, very rad Tablet in its off duty as as E-reader

It is, for those of you who are interested in such things, it is an Asus Memo Pad MG8, isn't it pretty?! It is going to live in a very sexy, violet case. Thank You Mom and Dad and Broskey and Alphagal!!!


On my buying spree, I also bought new pots and pans, on sale, from Tuesday Morning. My new stove demanded new pots. I have old pots but they are hand me down and sad and old and nice enough, a good sale beckoned and I wanted new pots. It was hardly a huge investment in professional quality gourmet blah blah copper pots and pans as I have not lost my mind, but they are quite serviceable and have nice, thick, flat bottoms that are friendly to my glass top stove.

To make up for all this shopping, I took Rocket on three walks on Sunday, they weren't really long walks but one was along the Neuse and it was at the very least new and different. We encountered many, many spider webs and too many cans and bottles to count, but not a single person. I wish the trail had been better marked because it was a nice walk. We also walked to the post office and downtown.

I also slept really late both days and could have gotten more done, but didn't. And I'm fine with that.

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