Monday, October 13, 2014

Being useful

Good News! I found the dogs leash that I had misplaced in the house! It was missing for about three hours on Sunday and I had to use an older leash to walk the dog in the afternoon, which was tragic because it totally clashed with his collar. Fashion  Crises averted, the new leash has been recovered.  Life is just really hard sometimes and you have to work with what you have, even if its tacky.

When I wasn't searching for the leash, I actually got some work done. No, I did not mow the lawns and I didn't do my laundry - sometimes you have to allow that there are other available days and there are no "rules" about when you can and can not do laundry. I can do my laundry on Wednesday, if Wednesday works for me, maybe Tuesday will be better. It doesn't matter, any day can be laundry day.

Any day can not however be lawn mowing day, lawn mowing day pretty much has to be a weekend, unless, I can't do it over the weekend and the yard is really long and I get neighbor-shamed, in which case, the lawn can be mowed whenever the neighbor mows theirs. Its about  maintaining community standards and keeping track of  when other people mow their lawns and how good your spread sheet program on your phone is. Standards! its about Standards! Standards and neighbor shaming, you have to keep the upper hand or admit defeat and stop going outside or opening your curtains. Mayne if they think you are dead they won't mind as much about the length of you yard - no one wants to speak ill of the dead and all that,

I did get pumpkins for the front porch, they look very nice and I might carve them, I haven't made up my mind. It will render them easier to compost, but I will have to go through the bother of carving them and I carve pumpkins like I wrap gifts - badly  and it never turns out looking like I had hoped. However, pumpkin carving design is open to interpretation and so there is some leeway that does not exist for the more conventional  and rule driven art of gift wrapping. There are no second places in the gift wrapping game.

What did I actually get done? I MADE TWO BATCHES OF DOG COOKIES!!!!  It was a big weekend for me. I feel very accomplished . I also remembered to  make the bed upstairs, mail two bills and treat the dog for his yeast infections. And even better? I moved the couch forward three inches in the livingroom, it had to be done, there is a huge difference in the space now. Really.

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